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The Spitter's files image.

The Spitter is an enemy in The Consuming Shadow.

Description Edit


Tips for fighting Edit

  • A Spitter can be killed with either two 9mm bullets or one hollowpoint bullet.
  • The Spitter's projectile can be hit out of the air with a melee strike. This requires precise timing.
  • Up close, the Spitter is harmless, and can be hit with melee strikes until it dies.

In-game description Edit

The Spitter bears a close resemblance to its less advanced cousin, the Cougher, but its malformed torso is given over to a number of sacs that between them concoct a thick, corrosive jelly from base elements, quite offensive to most carbon-based life-forms. It possesses a powerful sphincter around what we would consider its 'neck hole', capable of projecting globules of its vile jelly with ballistic accuracy. Possessing a marginally more sophisticated intellect than the Cougher, it is slower-moving and prefers to stay in the mid-range. Consequently it is best dealt with at a longer distance, but deliberately getting up close, unpleasant as that as that seems, may confuse the dull-witted beast.

Trivia Edit

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